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Lifelong fiber artist and visual arts educator, Christine K. Miller, can bring fibers into your life in a variety of ways.

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A Passion for Fibers

Fibers are my passion! I have experience in weaving, sewing, basketry, felting, dyeing, embroidery, and more. I am at home and at peace when I have fiber or thread in my fingers, but the loom is where my heart beats. I love creating and teaching about art and would love to support your learning or collecting fiber art!

Open Studio Spring Schedule

You are invited to stop by during one of our Open Studio weekends! We have beautiful, handmade items in all price ranges. We represent fiber artists in the area and have items like:

  • jewelry
  • prayer beads
  • hand towels
  • handwoven scarves and shawls
  • hand dyed silk scarves and shawls
  • fiber sculpture
  • fiber collages
  • resin paintings


And, find out about classes and workshops we offer. We are also open by appointment! We hope to see you soon!

Available now!

Christine’s new book, Weaving with Wire: Creating Woven Metal Fabric is now available! The book gives you all of the information you need to successfully warp a 4 or 8 harness floor or table loom with wire to weave a woven metal fabric. This can be manipulated into many sculptural forms, like jewelry, basketry, wall art, sculpture, and used in mixed media. Take your weaving to the next level! You can find it on the Schiffer Publishing website. My book is also available internationally! Order from your local bookseller.

A Review by Robyn Spady:

Weaving with Wire is the book the weaving community has needed for a long time. Other textile publications on working with wire have been broad in the techniques and only touched on weaving or were limited in scope. This book is a workshop all by itself!

A Review by Donna Kaplan, Christine’s teacher:

What a pleasure to read and explore Christine Miller’s new Book Weaving With Wire! This book is more than just an exploration of creating woven metal fabric. It is an introduction to the thought process of artistic expression. It is clear that Christine Miller, in addition to her artistic weaving  career is also a teacher, a guide and an advisor not only in the technical aspects of weaving with wire. She is also a guide to inspire the weaver along their own personal journey of creating art in a thoughtful way with intent and purpose.

" Color spins my world!"

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