Christine K Miller

Fiber has been my passion from my childhood and the thread of that interest has created a wonderful life long journey. I’ve had yarn in my fingers since the age of 8 and it led to a professional fiber art career in the early 1980s and continues now.

I started weaving in 1973, but things changed in the 90’s when I discovered weaving with wire. My work changed dramatically – woven metal cloth can be shaped and manipulated to create three dimensional sculptural work. This new medium is extremely engaging and I have used it to create jewelry, basketry and sculptural art.

I give programs and workshops to weaving guilds and fiber groups. I have sold my work through many venues – galleries, my own retail gallery Fiber Options and also through a later business I started, Studio Textile Resources. Some of my latest work includes casting my woven metal into bronze – a direction I am extremely excited about!

You can get a glimpse into my studio practice with this video about assembling a woven metal sculpture, ‘In Full Bloom’.

I embarked on a formal teaching career and received a degree in Arts Education in 2005 from the University of North Texas.  I am a retired visual art educator, but only in the sense that I have moved out of a full time teaching role in the classroom.  I am now consulting other visual art educators, with a specialty in the Understanding by Design curriculum framework and Design Thinking.

I am also teaching art students as a Visiting Artist from the elementary to high school level. And, I am available to conduct fiber art workshops to visual arts students as well as practicing fiber artists. As many artists, teaching is a vital part of my life and keeps me inspired and on my toes. I have years of experience in many areas of fiber art and I invite you to contact me…

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