Piloting an innovative course: Art & Media Communications


Our campus piloted this innovative course during our 2012-2013 school year.  It has been an exciting adventure with my students.  We are finding new ways to take art education into the 21st century. I have created a PowerPoint presentation that shows some of the work my students have created in this course.  I also surveyed them to see if the goals for this course were really aligning with their learning.  Find out what their responses are to the survey questions and hear them speak about how they have engaged with some of the fundamental aspects of this course:

  • the choice between traditional materials and processes and digital tools
  • making art that is meaningful and relevant to the students
  • building skills in making art with technology

Click the link below to download my PPT presentation (the PPT has video content in it and is a large file – it will take a little bit for it to download)

 Art & Media Communication Presentation Web

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