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Weave with Wire (February 11, 2021 YouTube)

Christine Miller, fiber artist and teacher, teaches a Weave With Wire workshop to beginning and experienced weavers. This video is a peek into the process and possibilities of this flexible Fiber art material. Contact Christine for more information about her art or to schedule a workshop at

How It’s Made – A Handwoven Towel (June 2, 2020 YouTube)

Step inside Christine K Miller’s studio and follow the steps necessary to create a handwoven hand towel. From preparing the warp to stitching the hem, you will see the many steps involved to create the fabric. You can see more of Christine’s handwoven towels on her Woven Textiles page.

Art Inquiry: Christine Miller | Episode 08 Beyond the Curriculum Podcast

This episode is an interview with Aaron Blackwelder about the use of inquiry in the art classroom, focusing on the Question Formulation Technique.  The discussion touches on ways the process of QFT can be used in other content areas such as math or science.  Building student inquiry into curriculum can lead to deeper student engagement and is appropriate both in physical classes and distance learning.

Beneath the Surface – A Coral Reef Installation Official Video  (February  2020)

The Beneath the Surface – a Coral Reef installation is a collaborative exhibit with Christine Miller, a visual arts educator and life long textile artist and her husband Keith. Keith creates 2D resin art that provides the backdrop and feeling of being under water in the exhibit. Christine has created 3D fiber sculptural works that represent the idea of corals forms. She uses many fiber techniques and processes such as crochet, felting, stitching, and weaving with wire and yarn. The exhibit was on display at The Discovery Gallery at Texas Discovery Gardens located in Fair Park, 3601 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Dallas, TX, 75315. The opening was on November 2, 2019 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. and continued until 2/23/2020.

Teacher Support and Healing through Visual Journaling, L’educateur Moderne, Vol 1., Issue 2  (Winter 2020)

Christine talks about the value of visual journaling to combat stress from the many demands of the teaching profession.  Resources for the reader’s exploration are also listed.

Explore Fiber in Art Education, L’educateur Moderne, Vol 1., Issue 1 (Fall 2019)

Christine gives tips and advice about how to incorporate more fiber into any k12 art education curriculum.

What Goes Into Weaving a Textile?  (March 6, 2019 YouTube)

How long does it take to make that handwoven textile? I have been asked this question so many times! It’s hard to convey the process in a pat response of 8 hours, or 10 hours. This video highlights the various steps that are required to create a handwoven textile, looking at the process that creates the product. Featuring an Echo & Iris weave structure, an AVL compudobby loom, and Christine Miller’s 45 years of weaving experience, a sequential step video shows a majority of what’s entailed in weaving fabric.

Surface Design Association Inspires Explore Fiber (August 7, 2017 SlideShare)

This is my Pecha Kucha presentation (with the text) that I presented at the Surface Design Associations’ 40th anniversary conference 4/3 – 4/6/2017. Find out how receiving an SDA scholarship to attend the 2011 Minneapolis conference planted the seed for the creation of

Explore Fiber Lab – Intro to Paverpol Fabric Hardener (July 15, 2017 YouTube)

You can find this Lab here:

Paverpol is a fabric hardener that can transform limp, soft fabric into a sculptural form. This lab will give you information about how to work with Paverpol in different ways. It will also have instructions for the crocheted cotton vessel that you see in the video.

Explore Fiber Mini-Lab – Ice Dying (July 12, 2017 YouTube)

Explore Fiber has created a mini Lab about ice dyeing! It’s super fun, super easy, and has amazing results! Explore Fiber is dedicated to bringing more fiber arts into your life!

Textile Techniques with Metal: Fibers as 3D (April 4, 2017 SlideShare)

This presentation includes some history of artists that blazed the trail of working with metal using fiber techniques. The author’s and other contemporary artists work are highlighted in this presentation.

Explore Fiber Lab – Intro to Paper Cloth (April 1, 2017 YouTube)

You can find this Lab here:

Paper cloth is an easy process of binding various types of paper with a fabric substrate. In this lab, cotton muslin will be used for the substrate, and bleeding and non-bleeding tissue will be used as the paper to be adhered. Glue water is the adhesive that marries the two materials together into a unified material that can be utilized in 2D as well as 3D applications. It is also an appropriate material that also accepts drawing techniques with ballpoint pen, sharpies, etc. for a mixed media process.

Art Education – The Challenges of Curriculum Transition (March 1, 2017 SlideShare)

This presentation examines a school district’s Art I Foundation curriculum change into the Understanding by Design curriculum template. Find out the challenges and successes for this National Art Education Association annual conference in New York City March 2017.

Bring Fibers Into Your Art Curriculum (November 21, 2016 SlideShare)

See examples of art educators in the Plano Independent School District using fibers in their art projects. This presentation gives not just examples, but advice and resources to support including fibers in the classroom. Resources include the website, the blog of Cassie Stephens, and the fiber course of The Art of Education.

                  National Art Education Association Monthly Mentor Guest Blogger (August 2016 – NAEA)

After being awarded with the National Art Education Association’s award for the Western Region Secondary Art Educator of the Year in March of 2016, I was invited by NAEA to be a guest blogger on their national blog.  You can view the posts I contributed for this month:

Process over Product in Art Education – A Student Centered Approach to Making Art (March 1, 2015 – SlideShare)

This presentation highlights how to create more flow in a students’ art making process. Emphasizing process over product in art education creates a student centered approach. Different strategies and techniques are incorporated into the author’s lesson plan format: Question Formulation Technique, Artful Thinking, Studio Thinking, Big Ideas, and the Spiral Workshop featuring ideas by Olivia Gude and others.

                – A Collaborative Educational Website with a Fiber Arts Focus ( Aug. 5, 2014 – SlideShare) is a free, collective resource for the art educator or fiber enthusiast – a place to expand knowledge and share our love of the fiber arts.  Explore Fiber promotes fibers as a contemporary fine art material in art education.  Explore Fiber is a collaborative initiative and resource by and for a community of educators and artists working with fibers through innovative art expressions.

This initiative that fosters a collaborative network provides:

  • quality lessons using fibers as a fine art material
  • videos for inspiration and tutorial support
  • interviews with fiber artists and art educators
  • a blog for communication and dialogue in the broad fiber arts community
  • an interactive space to explore fiber arts in the 21st century

Essential Question Strategies & Question Formulation Technique ( Apr. 9, 2014 – SlideShare)

Learning about the Question Formulation Technique in my graduate studies at Texas Woman’s University has been one of the most valuable additions to my teaching toolkit. This presentation has links to one of the developer’s TEDx talk as well as a video that was made in my classroom at the beginning of the year’s Sculpture I class. You can find out how I have the students return to the essential questions they generated for themselves throughout their creative process, from initial design to their end of project reflection. QFT is a powerful, easy and meaningful way to help our students be more engaged and in charge of their learning.

Video of Author demonstrating QFT here on Vimeo

Trends Article – Artist of the Day Video (Nov. 2013) – Trends – Journal of the Texas Art Education Association – article begins pg. 14 of PDF document)

Article about the use of Artist videos in art classroom as an enrichment tool.  AoD videos are this art teacher’s FAVORITE tool to play with – there is high engagement on the students’ part and we are able to travel past the walls of our art studio/classroom.

                 Paint or Paint App? Value of Creating Digital Vs. Traditional Art (May 10, 2013 – Blog Mind/Shift – How We Will Learn)

Blogger Holly Korbey interviewed me for this blogpost because I was teaching an innovative art course approved by the Texas Education Agency in Plano Independent School District for the first time:  Art & Media Communications.  The article compares creating work by hand with traditional tools and materials vs. digital tools and processes.

Creative Conversations in the Cloud (Nov. 2012 – Trends – Journal of the Texas Art Education Association – article begins pg. 32 of PDF document)

Article co-authored with Dr. Christina Bain of the University of Texas at Austin about a collaborative project between her preservice art education students and my high school Art II students.

Stem to Steam (Feb. 26, 2012 – SlideShare)

This PowerPoint presentation highlights the importance of adding the Arts to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) curriculum as well as the beginning steps to incorporate the Arts.

Blogging in the Art Classroom (Nov. 10, 2009 – SlideShare)

A PowerPoint presentation about one Art teacher’s experience with using blogs in the classroom.


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