Black Series – Photography Book

The book is now available through Amazon! Hot off the presses, it will be delivered to your door! I AM PLEDGING 100% OF THE PROCEEDS OF THE BLACK SERIES TO GO TO THE FIGHT FOR RACIAL EQUALITY! Thank you for your support and for your social activism! Together we can make change!

You can get it in two different formats (links below):

8.25″ x 8.25″ Paperback Book $25.00

Ebook of Photographs $9.99

Using black and white photography and titles that are Big Ideas, the author examines the real and politic world through the camera lens. The images and their titles give the viewer an opportunity to consider their role on the stage of life. As a retired art educator, the photos were taken in and around educational environments, the art studio, and the natural world. Although the content reflects the thoughts and ideas of the artist, the work itself is not meant to be divisive, but strives to put a simple lens on the complex issues we all deal with in the 21st. century.

All of the photography was taken using various generations of iPhone cameras and the resulting images were primarily processed digitally using a variety of photography apps. The Black Series aesthetic, by removing color in a photographic image, is a powerful tool to distill an image to its core. Initially featured in the artist’s Instagram feed, the continuation of the series through time resulted in a beginning volume of Christine’s Black Series. Should you purchase the book, and enjoy it, please consider leaving a review of the book on the Amazon page.

Art is my life’s work and I am excited to use my efforts to affect change in our world! I am pledging 100% of the proceeds of the Black Series to go to the organizations that support the rights of racial equality. Some of the photos in the Black Series address the stress the social and political inequalities this administration has exacerbated. With the current racial tensions resurfacing in our country, I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer, and feel an urgent need to use any resources I have to help right these wrongs. The purchase of my newly published Black Series photographic collection will directly impact these organizations. Help me help our black CITIZENS and support the power and freedom of the artistic voice! Thank you for your support and for your social activism! Together we can make change!

See below for some excerpt photos from the book.

18/12/21 – Disposable
17/1/2 – We Are All Human
17/5/6 the Majority
17/8/24 – Under Attack
18/7/28 Trajectory
19/1/2 Nefarious