Coral Reef Installation

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Welcome to Christine & Keith’s digital online exhibition of our coral reef installation!

The installation at the ArtCenter is now over, but you are welcome to scroll through the work that is still available in our Dallas studio. Questions? If you are interested in either Christine’s or Keith’s artwork, reach out to us at Thanks for visiting, and thanks for supporting the arts!

7/27/20 Good Morning Texas Interview with Christine & Keith Miller, artists, and Suzy Jones, Executive Director of The ArtCentre of Plano

The Beneath the Surface – a Coral Reef installation is a collaborative exhibit with Christine Miller, a visual arts educator and life long textile artist and her husband Keith. Keith creates 2D resin art that provides the backdrop and feeling of being under water in the exhibit. Christine has created 3D fiber sculptural works that represent the idea of corals forms. She uses many fiber techniques and processes such as crochet, felting, stitching, and weaving with wire and yarn. The past exhibit was on display at The ArtCentre of Plano, located at 902 E. 16th Street, Plano, TX 75074. The exhibit ran from 7/1/2020 through 9/26/2020. A live streaming Artist Talk and Exhibition Opening which took place on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. and can be viewed through the Explore Fiber Facebook Page and the Explore Fiber YouTube Channel.

Our natural world, though it seems vibrant and self-healing, relies on a delicate balance between natural forces and man’s impact.  Cultures in the past have recognized the important relationship between man’s footprint in the natural world, and the bounty that nature gives back to man.  In our modern times, many cultures have been disconnected from the natural world and it has led to societal behaviors that lead to polluting and the tipping of this delicate balance.

We have created an installation that displays the glory of the coral reef.  This natural system is in crisis globally from pollution and the steady rise of the ocean’s temperature.  The coral reefs are not surviving this rapid change, and as a result are “bleaching”, the process of death, across our planet.  Now that this ecosystem is in danger, the motivation has shifted from a celebration of a unique ecosystem to education; using art to bring people’s awareness to the devastating effects of climate change.  Our coral reefs are rapidly dying off and disappearing – will we be able to save them?

This page includes links to the 5 gallery spaces inside the ArtCentre of Plano. Click on each gallery link below to see the 2D & 3D work dancing together. For more information about the exhibit or to inquire about purchasing a work of Keith’s or Christine’s art, you can email Christine at

The video below is a casual walk through of the 5 galleries in the ArtCentre of Plano. You can see the how the 2D and 3D work flows together in this coral reef installation which is on display 7/1 – 9/26/20.
The video below tells the story of the first coral reef exhibition – “Beneath the Surface” which ran from 11/2/19 – 2/23/20 at the Texas Discovery Garden Gallery on the Dallas Fair Park grounds.