ArtCentre of Plano Stairwell Gallery

The exhibit at the ArtCentre has come to a close, but we are leaving an archived version of the installation up on this site. Both Keith & Christine’s artwork is still available for viewing and purchase in our Dallas studio. If you are interested in purchasing any artwork from the entire show, please make note of the Gallery location, as well as the number of the item or the pedestal it is displayed on, the title, and the price of the artwork. You can email us to start a conversation at

One more coOne more comment about the images on this site – they are lower resolution files for more efficient upload. The photos can’t capture some of the nuances and delicate layers in the paintings or the sculptural work. You may visit our Dallas studio at the Goldmark Cultural Center at 14001 Goldmark Drive, Dallas, TX, 75240 by appointment. If you would like to schedule a video showing to see the work up close and in more detail virtually, email Christine at to set up a personal showing.

Click here to open a PDF catalogue of the artwork in the ArtCenter Stairwell Gallery

You can also continue to scroll down the page to view the artwork.

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