Woven Metal Sculpture

I have been hand weaving on looms for over 45 years. Twenty-five years ago I studied with Donna Kaplan and learned how to warp a loom with wire and weave a woven metal fabric. Weaving with the wire as warp and weft creates a sculptural material that is infinitely versatile. Over the years, I have continued exploring the possibilities of creating sculptures with woven metal fabric. I continue to be amazed and surprised by the nature and flexibility of the material.

There is a wide variety of concepts, themes, and sculptural expressions in my work. From three-dimensional abstract and representational forms to two-dimensional bas relief wall hangings, woven metal continues to intrigue and excite me.

I am in the process of writing a book about woven metal as well as developing a virtual workshop to teach others about weaving with wire. If you would like to join my mailing list or acquire information about my work, there is a form at the bottom of this page to reach out to me. Prices are available upon request.




2D Bas Relief

Coral Reef

Seeing Red – Honorable Mention in Envision Arts Online Exhibition Ruby III – December 2021


Metal & Woven Metal


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