Woven Towels

I LOVE weaving cotton hand towels! Since one colorway is on the loom at a time, I rotate through the colorways and weave them up in small batches. You can place an order for some if I am out of stock.! The towels are $40 each plus shipping, are generously sized, super absorbent, and hold up with regular use. Treat yourself to some beauty in your bath or kitchen with lovingly handwoven towels and see what a difference it makes! Scroll to the bottom of the page to read reviews of my woven towels! You will find a form to contact me if you want to place an order at the bottom of this page.
Fiesta (above) – Contact to order

Want to order some hand towels? Use this form below to send me a message about what you would like!


  1. These are the BEST hand towels I own! Pretty and practical, they are a great addition to any kitchen. They also make the perfect gift–I just ordered a set for my daughter!

  2. I have loved the kitchen towel I purchased from Christine! Dries without streaking, holds the colors even after multiple washing and is much sturdier than the average kitchen towel! Add a towel crafted with love and talent into your kitchen!

  3. Purchased multiple of these hand towels to give as Christmas gifts. The recipients were thrilled! Beautiful craftsmanship and quality materials!

  4. I have been using towels from Christine for over a year. They are durable and look just as lovely as the day I recieved them. The towels have vibrant colors that stay true and are absorbent when being used to dry dishes as well as soft to the touch. I appreciate the craft and the crafter.

  5. These handwoven towels are not only works of art, but the most absorbent ones I own. They wash beautifully and maintain shape throughout washings! I highly recommend them,

  6. I have had my dish towels (similar to the fiesta towel above) for about two and a half years now, and the colors are still as vivid as the day I bought them. The towels have retained their shape and still hang beautifully on my towel rack, even after washing them once a week over the years. The towels are super absorbent and I pick them up to dry my hands and dishes after every meal. I don’t use my dishwasher. I would recommend these towels to anyone looking to purchase a kitchen towel. I find them better than the white cotton industrial towels, and so much more attractive.

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