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Press and Media

We Talk Fiber Podcast

Christine Miller is our guest this week. She designs and teaches a wide variety of needlework techniques from embroidery to felting, dyeing, crochet, and sewing. Listen HERE

The Storied Stitching Podcast

” Weaving is just my soul, you know.”
– Christine Miller

For Christine Miller, weaving is a mystery.

Miller took a continuing education class at the University of Texas Austin. It was a weaving class. Because of that experience, she changed her major to art to learn about design.

There she overcame her childhood art block and dove headfirst Into weaving. Listen HERE

Good Morning Texas

Christine and Keith Miller, husband and wife collaborating artists, are interviewed on Good Morning Texas about their art exhibition Beneath the Surface: Reimagined at the ArtCentre of Plano. The coral reef exhibition is artistically created with Keith’s 2D resin paintings and Christine’s 3D fiber sculptures. See the Interview HERE

Artist Interview of Exhibit

The Beneath the Surface – a Coral Reef installation is a collaborative exhibit with Christine Miller, a visual arts educator and life long textile artist and her husband Keith. Keith creates 2D resin art that provides the backdrop and feeling of being under water in the exhibit. Christine has created 3D fiber sculptural works that represent the idea of corals forms. She uses many fiber techniques and processes such as crochet, felting, stitching, and weaving with wire and yarn.

I'm here to help you bring fiber into YOUR life!

Let me help you create with fiber as a fine art material!

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