12″h x 12″w x 2″d


  • Exhibited & Award Winner Dallas Area Fiber Artists, 2018 Escapades in Fiber, Honorable Mention Beautiful Details
  • Exhibited in Surface Design Association 40th Anniversary Conference, Making our Mark, Portland, OR Aug.

Woven metal fabric is created by weaving yarn across a wire warp. The form is shaped by hand in individual pieces, then assembled and stitched together with wire. The 2D assemblage is embellished with resist dyed felt and stitched details.

Linear time as we know it can alter in our minds and in our lives – old can look new, and new can look old. This piece hints at the old, as the title indicates – Discovered Artifacts. Evidence of the hand and of symbols and design that are enigmatic add to a question of age. I used age old techniques and materials, such as weaving, and though the woven metal fabric has an antiqued look, it is grounded in more recent practice. The tactile quality of the piece adds to the practice of first wanting to touch old things. Parts of the resist dyed felt are purposely left floating off the ground, inviting the viewer to examine more closely. Time is a mystery, and treasures found can leave the viewer questioning about the time they are in, as well as the time objects come from.

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