Scarlet Pods


3 Pod Tower – 11.5″h x 4″w x 4″d,   2 Pod Tower – 8.5″h x 4″w x 4″d,    1 Pod Tower – 5″h x 4″w x 4″d

Scarlet Pods

Woven metal fabric is created by weaving yarn across a wire warp. The form is shaped by hand in individual pieces, then assembled and stitched together with wire. The sculpture is embellished with a crochet edging and beads.  This exhibition was highly competitive with 48 works of fiber art selected from 450 global submissions.

Artist Statement:

The color red evokes strong emotions: anger, frustration, and conflict. It is also a color we associate with love. These are but a few of the emotions that have bubbled up during the COVID-19 quarantine. The scarlet pods reference the distancing we have had to maintain to keep ourselves safe. We may be in small groups of people we are safe around. Single individuals navigate feelings of isolation and loneliness. The pods, our safe zones, can feel comforting, or they can feel confining. Some relationships have grown stronger in this new normal, while others have strayed apart. Humans are social creatures, and now when we want to touch each other, we are advised to stay away. The blue accents refer to the loyalty we feel to ourselves, to our community, and to our country in this national crisis.

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